Two Who Aided Marathon Victims Meet Again In Dorchester (The Boston Globe)

Larry Hittinger and Michael Ward first encountered each other in the chaotic aftermath of the Marathon bombings, when they helped a young, injured boy and carried him to EMTs.

Bat Fan Visits Boston To Learn About Disease (The Boston Globe)

Miriam Parrucci, a third-grader from Havertown, Pa., has loved bats since she was a year old. And she has worried about bats since she read an article in her second-grade class about white-nose syndrome, a disease caused by fungus that is devastating hibernating bats in North America.

Cambridge Food Inspectors Alone In Lacking Power To Fine (Initiative for Investigative Reporting at Northeastern University)

Faced with repeat offenses, the three restaurant inspectors in Cambridge, Mass., charged with making sure the city’s 630 eating establishments are up to code have only one weapon to force improvements. 

Surging Food Stamp Recipients Leave Town To Stretch Spending (Initiative for Investigative Reporting at Northeastern University)

After the recession added thousands to the food stamp rolls in Cambridge, Mass., residents discussed how the benefit is used. 

Sowing The Oats Of Prosperity (The Boston Globe)

Beth Gallo started making her own oatmeal, now sold in 38 locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including three Whole Foods Market stores. But can her product convince consumers to change their breakfast habits?

Israeli Companies Kept Out Of Bid To Build Solar Power Plant (The Jerusalem Post)

The Ministry of National Infrastructure sought a private tender to build a solar power plant in the southern town of Ashalim, but no Israeli company has the required experience to offer a bid.